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Custom-made pillow gift certificate JIYU JIZIN PRIME [Premium]

Custom-made pillow gift certificate JIYU JIZIN PRIME [Premium]

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Gift certificate for Nishikawa's custom-made pillow Jiyu Jizai Prime [Premium].

You can choose from two types of hardness medium materials.

1) Pressure regulating (regular): Based on the structure of a pressure regulating futon, it has a unique structure and a feel unique to pillows. A top unit with a special two-layer structure: a "fit layer" that supports your head against uneven surfaces, and a "stabilization layer" that supports your sleep. When sleeping on your back, the single row of blocks is supple and easy to fit, and the blocks get larger towards the sides, making it a special structure that makes it easier to stay stable when sleeping on your side.

Material: Urethane foam (contains carbon)

② Cotton (silk cotton) + Grain cotton... The surface is made of high-quality domestic "made from high-quality water and traditional techniques, which is carefully hand-milled and layered by craftsmen one by one. Made using Omi cotton (silk cotton). The top unit has a special two-layer structure that combines a "fit layer" made of cotton (silk cotton) and a "cushion layer" made of grain cotton that provides a soft feel and stabilizes the neck.

Material: Cotton (silk cotton), grain cotton




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