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Custom-made pillow gift certificate JIYU JIZIN PRIME [Regular]

Custom-made pillow gift certificate JIYU JIZIN PRIME [Regular]

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Gift certificate for Nishikawa's custom-made pillow Jiyu Jizai Prime [Regular].

You can choose from 5 different hardness materials.

①Angel Float《Soft》...No.1 in softness! It has a chewy marshmallow-like feel.

Material: Highly breathable urethane foam

② Puff (soft): It has moderate elasticity and is characterized by a soft and moist feel.

Material: Synthetic rubber

③ Elastomer copper pipe (normal): A pipe with moderate elasticity and excellent breathability. It can be washed completely and is hygienic. Nishikawa Chain original material with copper processing.

Material: Polyolephene composite resin

④Mini Bincho Charcoal Pipe (Hard): Bincho Charcoal is kneaded into a stable and elastic pipe. Good ventilation, washable and hygienic.

Material: Polyolephene composite resin

⑤ Buckwheat Hull Touch Pipe (Hard): A crisp texture similar to buckwheat hulls, and a firm and stable hardness. It has good breathability and is more durable than buckwheat hulls. Fully washable and hygienic.




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