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Single layer gauze gentle Japanese style duvet cover

Single layer gauze gentle Japanese style duvet cover

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Made of 100% cotton gauze fabric.

It is lightweight and does not interfere with the lightness of the futon, and is breathable and comfortable to use.

Can be used for duvets and skin comforters.

The futon can be fastened with 8 buttons, so the futon inside will not shift easily even if you turn over or move while sleeping.

Since it only has buttons, you can easily put it on and take it off without having to worry about tying the strings.

Gauze fabric is a plain weave cotton fabric. Because it is thin, breathable, and moisture-absorbing, it can be used comfortably all year round, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It has fewer irregularities and less surface area that comes into contact with the skin, so it is less irritating to the skin, and is soft to the touch, making it recommended for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Washing increases its softness and makes it feel better against your skin. Adding fabric softener will make it even softer and more effective.

Even if you sweat, it absorbs quickly and dries easily, so it is a good fabric to suppress the stickiness of sweat and reduce discomfort while sleeping.

Also, because it has good ventilation, it is difficult for mold and dust mites to grow, making it hygienic. Easy to care for, it can be washed in the washing machine and dries quickly, reducing the burden of washing.

Since this is a product that comes in direct contact with the skin, we use natural fibers and create products with a focus on texture so that you can use them with confidence.

You can also use hometown tax payment.

Size: Single 150×210cm/Semi-double size 170×210cm/

Double size 190×210cm

Composition: 100% cotton

Color: pink, beige, brown, gray, green

We plan, sew, and commercialize our products at our own sewing factory, Hansam Sewing, located in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

*We will ship within 2 weeks after placing your order.




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