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Iwamoto Seni 80 Supima Extra Long Cotton Duvet Cover

Iwamoto Seni 80 Supima Extra Long Cotton Duvet Cover

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This series is made from Supima extra-long staple cotton, one of the world's three major cottons, and is woven into a satin weave using ultra-fine 80-count thread, giving it a beautiful luster and a melt-in-your-mouth smooth feel.

The weight of the SL hanging cover is approximately 600g, which is 35% lighter than regular cotton broadcloth, and it has good drape properties and fits snugly against the skin, making it ideal for use as a down comforter in winter without letting body heat escape.

<What is Supima>
Among American Pima cotton, Superior Pima, or Supima cotton for short, is a high-quality Pima that meets the strict quality standards set by the American Supima Association.
It is a rare cotton that can only be harvested in the hot and dry regions of California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico, and accounts for less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world.

<What is extra long cotton>
Extra-long cotton is cotton with an average fiber length of 35 mm or more, which is approximately 1.4 times longer than normal fiber length.
Because it only accounts for around 5% of the world's cotton production, it is often treated as a luxury item.

Size: S 150×210cm

SD 170×210cm

D 190×210cm

Q 210×210cm

K 230×210cm

Composition: 100% cotton

Color: White, navy, beige, gray, ivory, blue, pink , green , brown, black

Country of Origin: Japan

*This product is made to order, so it will take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to ship after receiving your order.

Payment can be made in installments, and we sell with no interest or fees!




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