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Easy-to-understand wool jacket

Easy-to-understand wool jacket

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Non-stuffy, warm, washable, ultra-light, no need for a dryer! !

Made from wool, a gentle natural fiber,
Comfortable in the summer, warm in the winter, naturally antibacterial and deodorizing, doesn't get stuffy or damp, cleans the air, doesn't get dirty so it's clean, doesn't get cold from sweat so it's healthy, doesn't burn easily so it's safe, environmentally friendly...

This is a wool jacket that has more benefits the more you use it.

・Fabric is 100% cotton (made from domestic gauze)
One wash for texture and shape stability.
Because the resulting fabric has cotton oil called cotton wax remaining on its surface, it has better moisture absorption than fabrics that have been degreased and bleached, making it a cotton fabric that can maximize the power of natural materials.

・The filling is 100% wool Certified by the British Wool Corporation This wool cotton is washed with water (1st process), then treated with charcoal to remove impurities (2nd process), and pre-shrunk processed to make it easier to wash (3rd process). processing).
Preshrunk processing strengthens the crimp of the fibers, which reduces the risk of the fibers protruding from the fabric like straight hair.
Next, we adjust the moisture content of the wool raw material in order to stabilize the weight of the cotton before making wool cotton, and in the cotton manufacturing process, we use steam and dry processing to stabilize the shape and use wool cotton that is clean and highly functional. I am.

Size: 140×200cm
Side fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% wool (500g British wool)

Comes with a convenient laundry net.

Payment can be made in installments, and we sell with no interest or fees!

*This product is made to order, so it will take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to ship after receiving your order.




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