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Cotton comforter 0.5kg/1.0kg

Cotton comforter 0.5kg/1.0kg

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Made with hand-pulled cotton made using Omi's traditional manufacturing method! !

What is hand-pulled cotton?

This masterpiece is made by skilled hand-pulling craftsmen who stretch the cocoon beads thinly and evenly in multiple layers.
The skill of our craftsmen creates a piece that does not easily generate dust and has excellent moisturizing and heat retention properties.

It feels good on the skin, so it is recommended for sensitive skin! Static electricity is also less likely to occur! !

Please choose the weight according to your family's needs.

Comes with a convenient laundry net♪

・Cotton comforter 0.5kg

Size: 150×210cm
Side fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% silk

Cotton comforter 1.0kg

Size: 150×210cm
Side fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% silk

*This product is made to order, so it will take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to ship after receiving your order.

Payment can be made in installments, and we sell with no interest or fees!




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