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Mouton cleaning

Mouton cleaning

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Mouton washing and cleaning service.

  • My hair has fallen down and it feels bad.
  • My hair has become stiff
  • It's getting dirty
  • I'm concerned about the smell
  • My hair is falling off


There is a need to clean it.
Please contact us now.

At Hanzamu, our futon diagnostician will diagnose each customer's shearlings one by one and check the current situation. If you are unsure about cleaning or renovating your Mouton, please feel free to contact Hanzamu.

*If the shearling has padding, there will be an additional charge. Basic cleaning, dry cleaning, or ozone washing + pad cleaning. Be sure to order pad cleaning as well.

*If there is significant dirt such as vomit, feces, urine, etc. and you would like to use the premium course, we recommend the ozone water washing course.

Prices are from our store to the customer's home.

Please pay the shipping fee from your home to our store directly to the Sagawa Express driver.

*If you need a packing bag, please select "With packing bag". We will send you a packing bag from our store.
*For collection requests, please contact the Sagawa Express office near your home.

Notes on shearling cleaning

Old stains and dirt may not come off easily.
We use natural soaps that are kind to human skin and the environment. We do not use chemicals to remove stains as they will damage the fabric, so it may not be possible to completely remove the stain.

Mold stains may not come off

Strong chemicals must be used to remove mold. There is a risk that the fabric will fall apart. Mold stains will remain, but mold spores can be washed away.

The color of the side fabric may transfer or bleed.

Please note that the color may vary depending on the side fabric.

There is a possibility that the side fabric will be torn.

If you use it for many years, the side fabric will deteriorate. We will take care when cleaning, but if the fabric deteriorates, it may tear. If such areas are found during cleaning, we may refuse the cleaning.




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