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Original SOS washable wool bed pad 0.5kg

Original SOS washable wool bed pad 0.5kg

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Size correspondence: Semi-single to king, Side fabric: 100% cotton (double gauze), Filling: 100% wool
Single 100×200cm 22,000 yen Filling amount: 0.5kg
Semi-double 120×200cm 26,400 yen Filling amount: 0.6kg
Double 140×200cm 30,800 yen Filling amount: 0.7kg
Queen 160×200cm 31,680 yen Filling amount: 0.8kg
King 180×200cm 35,640 yen Filling amount: 0.97kg

About Hanzamu Original SOS (Sleep on Sheep) Bed Pad Series

Each piece is handmade by craftsmen at a partner factory in Osaka. Custom sizes can also be easily made. (Nursing size, semi-single, wide king, etc.)

A distinctive feature is that it uses British wool certified by the British Wool Corporation. British wool has excellent elasticity. The British Wool Company sorts and handles the wool collected from each farm by grade. We use carefully selected wool with excellent elasticity for our bed pads. Also, British wool is often thicker and more elastic than wool from Oceania regions such as Australia and New Zealand, making it the perfect wool for bed pads.

In addition, the side fabric uses double gauze fabric. Typical bed pads use highly airtight fabric to prevent the filling from blowing out. This will make it difficult for the batting itself to maximize its moisture-wicking performance. The highly airtight fabric gets in the way and prevents moisture from reaching the filling, making it easy to get stuffy. Wool, cotton, and linen have excellent moisture-wicking properties, but they have the ability to absorb and release sweat moisture easily.

Wool is a renewable natural resource.

Wool is made of a natural protein called keratin. When wool is buried in soil, enzymes are generated as fungi and bacteria multiply, digesting the wool, and the wool biodegrades in about 3 to 4 months. During this time, essential elements such as nitrogen, sulfur, and magnesium are returned to the soil and taken up by the growing plants .

It is proven to be free of harmful chemicals and can be reused.

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