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SOS Mattress RX

SOS Mattress RX

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The SOS series of domestic mattresses was developed by a bedding specialty store founded in 1899.

We have achieved the comfort that Japanese people seek after coordinating bedding for 1,500 people a year.

This is what’s amazing about SOS Mattress RX! !

- Approximately 1,300 points support the body, so it does not obstruct blood circulation.

- The side fabric has a zipper so it can be put on and taken off, and it is washable so it is hygienic.

・The thickness is 12cm, so it has excellent cushioning properties.

・The uneven structure firmly supports your body and helps you turn over smoothly.

- Reversible design with hard and regular sides, so you can match it to your preference or use it by your family.

Size: S 12 x 97 x 200cm

SD 12×120×200cm

D 12×140×200cm

Side fabric: 100% polyester

Filling: Urethane foam

Country of Origin: Japan

*This product is made to order, so it will take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to ship after receiving your order.

Payment can be made in installments, and we sell with no interest or fees!




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